Nicki Minaj Is Blaming Wallmart For Low Sales Of Re-Up Album

Nicki Minaj blaming Walmart for low sales seems extreme; however, the young star is convinced that the American retailer refusing to stock her latest disc has had a massive impact. The latest album from this popular singer appears to be struggling, which may be caused by the lack of sales.  The new album The Re-up, has been launched but is unavailable in one of the largest retailers in the US.

The LP, which is part of a special edition box set, alongside Roman Reloaded and Pink Friday, has not sold as predicted. Nicki had assumed that the album would fly off the shelves, but unfortunately, this was not the case. There have been many rumors surrounding the lack of sales; however, Nicki is adamant that the reason is due to the fact that Walmart and target are refusing to sell the album.

nicki minaj re-up album

Power 105.1 conducted an interview with the singer, and asked Nicki why she thought her album was not appealing to people. This was when the star confirmed that the stores had lost faith in her albums, following the lack of sales from the last re-releases. The larger stores do not want to take the chance, and attempt to sell her album.

In the past Target has been Nicki’s biggest retailer, which is why the decision is a shock as they have in fact sold the most albums. If Nicki is disappointed, she is not showing this to her fans and continues to promote her music. The singer is happy to do what she loves, and put her music out to the fans.

The headlines of Nicki Minaj blaming Walmart for low sales help to sell magazines, and papers, but there is no bad feeling between the singer and the stores. The timing for the new album may seem strange, but Nicki felt it was the best time to release Re-up.

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