Paris Hilton, Ashlee Simpson and much more,T-Mobile Sidekick LX Launch


T-Mobile Sidekick LX was an event where stars like Paris Hilton,Ashlee Simpson,Kim Kardashian,Doug Reinhardt,Heidi Montag,Anna Farris,Pink and Carey Hart and other Hollywood celebrities were invited from all over the world.We have concentrated more on Paris and Ashlee so you can have a better view of their vestimentation.

Paris Hilton as usual was on top of the attention from my opinion,her clothes were awesome and also the make-up glamorous.There is no event where Paris ain’t!It is true that we can’t miss events with her because it will be a shame!I was wondering how can she be in so many places in a very short interval of time?What is her secret?I am sure she has one!

As for Ashlee Simpson we can’t tell for sure if she made an surgery at her face,I am talking about the cheeks especially.What do you think?Have you’ve heard any gossip about her?If so you are welcome to comment and admire these great photos!


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