Pink Sued By Ex Producers over Unpaid Royalties

Pink, the award winning US superstar, has been sued by the ex producers for unpaid royalties from her first debut album.

The news of pink sued by ex producers is now spreading in the media houses and major social sites like a bushfire. Pink has been accused of failing to pay the former producer twenty thousand pounds, according to the lawsuit that was filed last month in a New York court. Pink hard signed a contract with the Specialists Entertainment company and the Thunderstone Productions for the production of her album, Cant Take Me Home, that was debut in 2000.

The album sold over five million copies and was top in the major charts and billboards.The lawsuit states that the two companies, Specialists Entertainment and the Thunderstone Productions had agreed to share the royalties to the tracks that they produced together on a 50-50 basis. The two tacks in controversy is the hiccup and can’t take me home.

pink sued

However, since the release of the album, specialists Entertainment claims that they have never received any royalties from the sales proceeds. The company has sued Pink for unpaid royalties to the tune of twenty thousand and six hundred and thirty three pounds.
Despite Pink being on the center of the lawsuit, a representative of the star has denied that it is not the responsibility of the star to ensure that the royalties were duly paid.

Alicia More, the representative of the star said that it was the responsibility of her recording company Sony to ensure that the producers are all paid. Since the release of the controversial album, Pink has worked on many songs and produced a total of five albums. The most recent of them all is the Truth about love that went up to the second position in the charts across the UK.

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