Prince Harry Shows Off Crown Jewels

Prince Harry, known as the wild child of the British royals earned himself another spot in tabloids across the world by displaying his “crown jewels” with a few random girls Harry picked up along the way during a game of strip pool in his $8,000 a night Vegas suite.
Back at home, grandma and the rest of the royal family aren’t too thrilled with his continuous rebellious side acting out but he’s not the only one that the family is pointing their finger at. His personal security crew is hearing the wrath of the royals for allowing these indecent girls to enter the suite with their cell phones in hand and continuing to allow them to take pictures of the bare-naked prince. The team reportedly stood there and enjoyed the show that was being put on. They did tell the girls not to take pictures but apparently didn’t do much to stop them.

 prince harry crown jewels

That night, Prince Harry and the Olympic champion, Ryan Lochte both landed at the same pool party at the hotel’s XS nightclub around 3 a.m. where the boozing Harry spotted the swimmer and challenged him to a race in the overly crowded pool. He threw off his shirt and jumped in. Lochte of course didn’t have any competition with the Prince but the many spectators enjoyed the show. After the race, the two exchanged a hug and went their separate ways. It was a brief, friendly challenge which was just the beginning of Harry’s adventurous night in Vegas.
Harry’s first unacceptable shindig occurred when he was seventeen years old when he was captured smoking marijuana and participating in underage drinking while spending a night out with friends at nightclubs. He was later photographed at a costume party sporting a Nazi uniform that featured a swastika on his armband which led to a public apology from the Prince for his behavior.

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