“Not Topher!”, Says Sophia Bush

“One Tree Hill” actress, Sophia Bush has quickly reacted to dispel rumors that she is dating Topher Grace. Reports have been circulating that the recently single brunette is seeing Grace, the main actor in That 70’s show. Bush says that on the contrary, Topher has been her close friend over the six years they have known each other.

Speaking at a conference event promoting “Partners”, a new series that she is appearing in, the thirty year old actress described Grace, thirty four, as “an essential sounding board” to her. She added that the frequent coffee dates they have should not be misconstrued as romantic dates. This announcement to Us Weekly magazine at the TCA media function came just a couple of days after a photo of the two actors leaving Coffee Commissary in West Hollywood went viral.

It would have been the One Tree Hill actress’s first digression from dating co-stars. She broke up from fellow OTH actor, Austen Nichols, just a few months ago. The two had dated on and off for well over six years. The pair’s characters on the CW aired show were a married couple. Before Nichols, she had been married to One Tree Hill’s lead actor, Chad Michael Murray (in real life this time) but divorced in 2005. In addition to that, another OTH associate, James Lafferty had been the man rocking her boat

sophia bush

around 2009 when she and Nichols were on one of their dating breaks.
In what seems as a perfect platonic relationship, it can only be a matter of time before Sophia and Topher are having more than coffee. And of course it is said that the best of friends have the best relationships, right? Although we wouldn’t want them to mess up the sweet friendship with nasty things like romance, don’t write off the two of them becoming an official item.

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