Queen Elizabeth Hospitalized As A Precautionary Measure

The queen was struck down by illness and had to cancel some of her events last week. One event was a military parade in Swansea, on Friday. The queen has rarely been sick in all her 61 years on the throne. However, gastroenteritis meant that she needed hospital attention.

The queen was hospitalized as a precautionary measure, rather than an emergency. She stayed in hospital for two days whilst she recovered. Although there was no emergency, the queen was suffering from a bad bout of gastroenteritis. An illness that causes vomiting and diarrhea However, despite her illness she was in good spirits and health.


A crowd of well wishers gathered outside the hospital’s main entrance when the news broke. For the 61 years on the throne, the queen has experienced good health. The last time the queen was hospitalized was in 2003, for a cartilage operation on her knee.

On Monday afternoon, the queen left the hospital unassisted. She was smiling and seemed in good spirits.

Photo credit : Biography.com

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