Randy Jackson out of American Idol but in as a Mentor

Randy Jackson, the last original judge standing in the American Idol judging panel has joined the rest of the crew and stepped down from his position. While he’s giving up his spotlight on the panel, he’s still staying with the show after eleven years as a mentor for all the contestants. There’s much controversy erupting about whether or not Jackson is best suited for this role on American Idol but it’s also necessary to keep him because he’s the last of the original crew which drew the show’s audience in from the very beginning with his famous word “dawg” thrown out in almost every sentence that came out of his mouth. Unfortunately for him, many people believe that his time on the show needs to come to an end as well as the show itself.
Jackson has been around for a long time with his career dating back into the early 1980s where he played in many bands including Carlos Santana, Journey and even performed on some of Kenny G’s albums. When Randy first started playing bass at the age of thirteen, that led him to his big break when he was given the opportunity to play with Journey. He continued on his career to become the Vice President at A&R at Columbia but American Idol kicked his career off even further. The knowledge of this man is spectacular including his performing, touring, studio knowledge as well as his expertise in the record company which has made him an expert in the musical industry.

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While many people may be criticizing his potential to be a mentor for all the aspiring artists looking for a breakthrough, Randy Jackson is an exceptionally great motivator which American Idol could use. The more these contestants receive negative and even heartbreaking criticism, the more it tears them down and makes them want to give up. Everyone needs a little boost once in a while to keep their spirits up that they can excel in the singing industry and Randy Jackson is perfect for the role. American Idol is his expertise and he won’t fail to deliver in this position.
Source : TMZ

Photo Source : TheSun.co.uk

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