Rihanna Comparison To Diana A Passionate Flirtation With The Press

A recent article in the Sunday Times hailed pop-princess Rihana as the new Princess Diana. Many people would question how this can be true. At first glance, the two seem to have absolutely nothing in common. However, a deeper look reveals that Princess Diana and Rihanna do have similarities. They are both vulnerable, sensitive and wounded, but have transformed themselves into interesting, exciting role models.


The world fell in love with Diana and Rihana before they were 20. Both of them have fantastic style and their relationships with Prince Charles and Chris Brown have been frowned upon by the public who thought they were wrong matches for them.

It was Camille Paglia who is a leading feminist writer, that made the claim. Paglia also went on to say that the pair has a passionate, seductive flirtation with the press.

Paglia said that the late Diana and 24 year old Rihanna used every photo chance to covey a type of revenge or defiance. She argued that the pair’s troublesome romantic life, targeted their partners Prince Charles and Chris Brown.

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