Russell Brand and Geri Halliwell a Potential Couple?

Russell Brand and Geri Halliwell might have just become the next budding relationship in Hollywood. The pair has been spotted numerous times together since the Olympic Games when they really started to hit it off. Brand was seen leaving Spice Girl, “Ginger Spice’s” London home last night after he was dropped off in a chauffeured Mercedes at around 8pm and didn’t leave until three hours later with a bag of books clutched in hand.
Russell Brand, the “Get Him to the Greek” star is best known for his comedic acting as well as his fourteen month long marriage to the starlet Katy Perry where Brand cited the divorce with irreconcilable differences. The couple first met in 2008 but began dating in September of 2009. Little over a year later, the pair became husband and wife at their Hindu themed wedding which took place in India where they first became engaged. He claims the marriage ended because of the long distance relationship they were enduring because of their busy schedules but there are speculations that starting a family was the main reason the divorce was triggered. Katy’s statement that she doesn’t feel ready to start a family and that she’s still too young is believed to have set the couple on their rollercoaster ride. Unfortunately for Brand, if he’s looking for a child eventually with his new romance, he’s going to have to act fast, her maternal clock is ticking!

russell brand geri haliwell
Geri Halliwell has never had the best of luck in any relationship she’s ever been in, with three failed engagements out of the thirteen romances the star has been in since the Spice Girls came into existence. She has one daughter born in 2006 named Bluebell who is believed to be the child of Sacha Gervasi but it’s still unconfirmed. This might just be the relationship she’s been looking for or maybe she’s chosen another Mr. Wrong, only time will tell.

Source : Dailymail

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