Ryan Reynolds wins big playing mobile casino games

Ryan Reynolds may have had a rocky road in the relationship department following his unexpected split from Scarlett Johansson and his subsequent 2011 divorce, but his blossoming romance with Blake Lively seems to be running smoothly and the couple have even purchased a love nest in Connecticut. It seems that Ryan is not only once again lucky in love, but also struck it lucky when he recently won the jackpot playing mobile casino games.

His rumoured win took place when he was on vacation visiting family in Canada; spending some much needed leisure time with his mom, Tammy and father Jim. The Canadian-born star was flying solo as his gorgeous girlfriend had prior filming engagements on the set of Gossip Girl and was possibly looking for some of the big city thrills he is used to experiencing when at home in New York or  Los Angeles. Top online and mobile casino, Gaming Club  cannot confirm whether the rumoured winner of the massive jackpot was indeed Reynolds as they respect their players privacy and right to confidentially, but sources in the know say that Ryan is a frequent visitor to the site and an avid gamer who enjoys nothing more than spending a couple of hours online playing poker and blackjack.

ryan reynolds gaming

The 35 year old star of films like The Green Lantern, Van Wilder and The Proposal has always retained his image of a clean cut, family orientated guy. His preference for playing online casino games anonymously rather than partying it up whilst on vacation shows he still shy’s away from the spotlight and prefers to remain far from acquiring a Hollywood bad boy image. Ryan’s rumoured win has put him in the spotlight in other circles now, especially as he remains such a popular and likeable figure. A recent recipient of the People’s Choice award for Favourite Movie Superhero illustrates his popularity and with the spotlight now falling firmly on his big win the mobile casino industry is receiving some extremely good publicity.

The Vancouver native who is the youngest of four brothers seems to be on top form at the moment and although it remains to be seen if wedding bells are on the horizon for him and Blake he has certainly struck gold in the love department. Add to that his recent rumoured jackpot win and several box office hits over the last year, and it seems that Ryan Reynolds is on an unbreakable lucky streak!

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