Sam Worthington arrested and released after bouncer fails to show in court

Samuel John Henry Worthington, alias Sam Worthington, renowned for his role in the 3D movie Avatar as Jake Sully and as Marcus Wright in Terminator Salvation, was arrested on Saturday in Atlanta after a supposedly drunken fight that led to the arrest on the assumption of disorderly conduct.

Sam was denied access to a restaurant in Atlanta because he appeared boozed and because he did not have acceptable identification to get into the restaurant. The Avatar star then became quite vociferous and agressive according to the police report obtained by TMZ. Worthington was seen pushing doorman Jerry Link twice.

Consequently Sam Worthington was pepper sprayed and handcuffed by the bouncer. According to the report Worthington told the doorman “I am a DEA agent”. The police came after a while, and Worthington was taken into police custody and accused of disorderly conduct. The whole incident is said to have been recorded by the restaurant’s security cameras. An eye witness questioned by a police officer answered in favour of the security guard, Jerry Link.
Sam Worthington is currently shooting for his new film “Ten”, in Atlanta, alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in which he plays the role of a DEA agent.

sam worthington arrested

Link told TMZ that Worthington came to Vortex Bar and Grill in Atlanta, wearing a dirty hooded sweatshirt and was carrying with him some clothes and everyone there thought that he was perhaps a homeless. Link said that he did not know about Worthington before as he has never seen Avator nor Terminator.

According to the Atlanta City Jail, Worthington was released on Sunday after paying a cash bond said to be worth $453. All the charges against the actor were called off as Jerry Link failed to show in a court hearing on Monday. It then led the judge to dissolve the case. Jerry Link says that no one told him to be there.

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