Shakira Is Now A Mom,Finally!

Good News! Shakira is a mom…This was revealed by Shakira Mebarak’s spokeswoman on Tuesday. 35-year-old Shakira and 25-year-old, FC Barcelona player, Gerard Pique were blessed with a bouncing baby, Milan on January 22nd.

The couple has since stated on their website that the name Milan, pronounced as MEE-lahn means a person considered to be dear, gracious and loving in Slavic; eager and with a laborious character in Ancient Roman; and in Sanskrit, unification.

shakira is mom in 2013

Additionally, the coupled jokingly stated on the website that Milan who is the sole child became a devout member of FC Barcelona soon after birth. Weighing at approximately 6 pounds, 6 ounces, Shakira and her new born baby have been said to be in perfect health.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Colombian singer posted on Twitter, requesting her fans to walk with her in prayers, since it is an important day in her life.

The news has been received positively by her fans, and since Shakira is mom, it is expected that she will be out of the entertainment scene to spend time with Gerard and Milan. We wish them good luck!

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