She lost 18 pounds in a single month! Kelly Clarkson reveals how

So she’s dropped 18 pounds in a month and claims it all because of love. Yes, Kelly Clarkson is on the headlines again and this time it’s not about winning any Grammys. This former American Idol contestant that has sold over a million copies of her album was interviewed by Cosmopolitan and Lord, did she have a lot to say. From her astounding weight loss to the gay rumors that have been doing rounds around the internet. Want to know what she had to say for herself?

Before her engagement to Brandon, Kelly had been single for what seemed like an eternity for most people. It is for this reason that majority of people tended to think that she was gay. All in all, Kelly admitted that she never felt insulted and in fact has gotten hit on by some of the hottest girls. However, she added that it’s just not her thing, she’s more in to the boys club. I bet a lot of guys let out a sigh of relief at that.

kelly clarkson weight loss

Still on the same line, Kelly also confessed to getting hit on by a lot of guys. She however quipped that most of the guys that hit are not really a catch; she actually prefers those that do not hit on her. I guess now we know how Brandon finally got Kelly for himself.

Moving on to the weight issue, how do you drop 18 pounds in a month? Is love really the answer? Well, According to Kelly, being with someone you love means you have to stay in shape and drop of some weight. Lucky for us though, she shared the secret to her amazing weight loss. Apparently reducing your portions and working out does an amazing job when it comes to weight loss. You better note that down just in case your diet fails you.

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