Shock Headline that Disney Purchases Lucas Film

Disney purchases Lucas film was not a headline that people ever expected to see, as this movie mogul had claimed that he would never sell. However, Lucas claims that it is now time to pass Star Wars to a new family of film makers, and Disney was perfect. Disney paid $4.05billion for the deal, and has indicated that there will be a new set of Star Wars films.

There has been a huge amount of excitement surrounding the deal; with many disappointed that Lucas sold to anyone. Disney intends to release Star Wars 7 in 2015, and then a new, exciting Star Wars film every two years. Lucas will remain as the creative consultant for the films, ensuring that he remains a part of his incredible hit, which is a phenomenon worldwide.

disney lucas film

Lucas has always stated that Star Wars would live beyond him, therefore, through new eyes, and a different generation of film makers it will be reborn bigger and better. The headline of Disney purchases Lucas film, was not a shock to people in the industry, and many believe that it has been planned for several years.

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