Stallone Son’s Death Saga Continues

Sylvester Stallone’s 36-year old son, Moonblood Stallone was found dead in his house last Friday. The thirty six year old Sage had died of a suspected drug overdose. A post mortem examination was done on Sunday evening and the results are expected after a few weeks. However, Stallone implored for an end to the speculation on the circumstances leading to the death of Sage.

Stallone said: “There is no greater pain than a parent losing a child. I am requesting for respect of my son’s memory and for compassion for his mother”. He added that the grief of losing their first born child will be suffered for a long time.
However just a few hours after this the “Rocky” actor’s nephew went on an online rant, accusing  Stallone and Jennifer Flavin, his wife at present, of causing Sage’s demise. The eighteen year old Edd Filiti laid siege on the Stallones with his Facebook posts claiming that Sylvester neglected his family once he married Jennifer.
 sage stallone dead
Flavin got married to Stallone IN 1997. Stallone had previously been married to Sasha Czack, Sage’s mother for eleven years before their divorce in 1995. Edd is a son of Sylvester’s step-sister Toni Ann. In his stinging volley that was deleted after a few hours, he says that Flavin forbade Stallone from interacting with his family. To quote him: “Yosaid to my family, ‘I am his family now. He doesn’t need any of you’. Let’s see if he needs you now”.
The attack continued in several posts. The final one contained a vicious finale: “You might not care about what has happended. You’ll finally care when you’re under the burning magnifying glass of public opinion. You make me f***** sick.”
In the most recent developments in this saga, Edd has apologized for making his feelings known through online media. He said that although he has personal issues with Stallone, airing them during a grieving moment was inappropriate.

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