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Steven Tyler

                                         Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage, courtesy of Andrew Charles

The one and only Steven Tyler and daughters Chelsea Tyler and Mia Tyler delighted fans with a surprise appearance in the Macy’s Herald Square window on 35th and Broadway Friday afternoon in celebration of the launch of the Andrew Charles collection. Also in attendance was Andy Hilfiger, creative director and president of marketing for Andrew Charles, a new fashion line for men and women available exclusively at Macy’s. Tyler’s window stunt was followed by a meet-and-greet photo opportunity with fans who lined the streets outside of Macy’s iconic windows.

Hopefully these clothes will be on everyone taste and buying them should be a pleasure for you all.

Later that night, the fashionable crowd moved downtown for an invite-only event celebrating the line and the opening of RIFF, a temporary rock n’ roll shopping experience. Guests, including Tommy Hilfiger, Dee Snyder, Kevin Christiana (Project Runway; Andrew Charles designer), Tia Carrere, Prodigy (of rap group Mobb Deep), among other rock’n’rollers past and present, were on hand to celebrate the opening, which included a performance by Hired Killers, Inc and an impromptu set by Steven Tyler, who led the crowd in a rock-eccentric “Happy Birthday” for Andy Hilfiger in celebration of his 50th birthday.

I always was a fan of Tommy’s Hilfiger clothing line,they are simply amazing.Combining a lot of simplicity,Tommy Hilfiger is creating amazing clothes for every boy and girl,for every taste!I don’t think there is someone who is not a fan of his creations but I know for certain there are plenty who believe in Tommy!I don’t really know much about RIFF but maybe I would take in consider for the future.

Many thanks to  ERIN DWYER for this insight!

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