Taylor Momsen Strips Down For Her Fans

The young actress and singer Taylor Momsen revealed it all in her latest music video, this is not one of the upcoming scenes in any of her movies but the real thing. The pretty star was seen in the nude with nothing but the soft and blurry lighting keeping us from seeing her private parts.She is in the last scene of the video ‘ pretty reckless’ totally naked as she sings the lyrics.

Taylor runs her fingers on her bare skin and water drips from her blond hair. The nineteen year old also looks haunting in the dark eyemakeup she is wearing.According to The Toronto Sun, nothing but the soft lighting keeps you from seeing her genitals. By this stunt the former gossip girl has stunned her fans and critics alike but she sure has given us something with gossiping about. You know that people are talking about such news when the internet posts go viral about it. The Sun features a column suggesting that Mosmen is shockingly thin in the video. Actually the real words were that Taylor Mosmen looks worryingly thin in the music video.

taylor momsen strips down

Whether she is stick thin or not that is just the papers opinion but going nude might have come as a surprise for some fans.The video that was released on Monday shows her standing naked in nothing but light! The star is heard singing the lyrics to song… I wake up in chains/I have never been free. The former gossip girl star turned a rebellious rocker and theĀ  video shoot is a real confirmation of how far her rebellious nature can go.

Taylor Momsen decided to do the video scene naked and people say that she went too far in posing nude for it but a section of her fans like the idea and rather than call her skinny, they say she looks stunning beautiful on the ‘rarer’ side of medium. All of us have an opinion on the matter but whatever that is, we Just got to keep gossiping about it because what’s done is done.

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