Taylor Swift Lawsuit For Cancelled Concert Continues

Taylor Swift disappointed all of her fans when she cancelled last August’s Capital Hoedown music festival in Ottawa, Canada. However, the singer had already been paid a $2.5 million advance fee to headline at the show. Now, a lawsuit is open to recover monies from the 23 year old, Taylor Swift.

According to a complaint filed by the Florida based ticket firm, “FIRE USA Inc.” in a New York, federal court, Taylor Swift accepted payment and then refused to perform or reschedule a new appearance date. Furthermore, this amounted to a breach in her contract.
Taylor swift concert

FIRE is currently seeking to sue the country singer, after they were hit with a lawsuit by Evo Merchant Services. Evo Merchant Services are a New York, credit card payment firm, that took the brunt of refunds after numerous credit card companies placed requests on behalf of disappointed fans.

Via Evo’s services started selling tickets early in November 2011. However, the event was then cancelled in July 2012 by festival organizer, Denis Benoit. A spokesperson for Swift told the celebrity gossip website TMZ, that the singer did not make any deal with a ticket company and has not seen the lawsuit.

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