The Incredible Jessica Alba Halloween Success

Jessica Alba Halloween costume idea was considered incredible, as she managed to ensure that her family was included in her unique choice of costume. When you are a close family, there are several Halloween costume ideas, which will ensure that everyone is involved. Matching Halloween costumes can look brilliant at every party, and Jessica Alba managed to ensure that her family turned heads.

When choosing family costumes, there are so many elements that can go wrong, and choosing costumes, which everyone likes is a huge challenge. However, once you can get the children involved it will make life far easier. Jessica Alba discussed with her four year old what she would be comfortable wearing, and the idea for the costumes was born.

The sexy movie star decided that her family would literally be the Incredibles, and all wore matching Halloween costumes.  Their youngest daughter remained at home; however, she did have her own Incredibles costume as she was seen during the week. Typically the children didn’t want to wait for the party, and insisted on wearing their costumes early.

jessica alba the incredible

Their four year old did attend the party and wore a cute Incredibles costume, ensuring that the theme continued through the family.  Jessica wore a stunning black wig to compliment her costume, which made her look incredibly like the character from the movie. Jesscia’s husband decided on a more masculine costume, and decided to include the full padding for his costume of the dad from the movie.

All three looked amazing and created the perfect family Jessica Alba Halloween costume choice. They ensured that the costumes were comfortable and not too revealing for the family party they were attending. Jessica managed to create the perfect Halloween outfit choice, and everyone had a fantastic time at the party, with friends and other celebrities.

Photo credit : Jessica Alba/Twitter

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