The Top 5 Holy Week Traditions

Holy week is very important to religious people who follow certain traditions. There are different traditions during holy and I have chosen five below.

Holly Week Traditions
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* Large bonfires – Interesting that some Countries enjoy having bonfires at this time of year. This happens mainly in Northwest Europe, where people come together and enjoy having bonfires. The bonfires symbolize chasing the darkness away during winter.

* Maundy Thursday – On this day people go to Church and may have their feet washed. Some Churches hold masses and anoint people with oil. It was on Maundy Thursday that Judas betrayed Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Judas later hung himself out of shame for betraying Jesus.

* Good Friday – This is the day when Christ was crucified. Although it is a sad, terrible day, it is also a victorious time. It was on Good Friday that Jesus died to save the world so that we could live in heaven with Him for all eternity.

* Palm Sunday – This day is the day before Holy Week. It is a sign that the Lenten period is over. Another part of Palm Sunday is the terrible suffering that Jesus faced in the garden. It is also a joyous feast for Christians.

* Easter Sunday is the celebration of life. It is a happy time where Jesus rose from the dead and was seen by His disciples. People have happy smiles on their faces. There are usually Easter egg hunts and Easter bonnet parades where prizes can be won.

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