Thomas Gibson Arrested – Does The ‘Criminal Minds’ Star Really Has A Criminal Mind?

Thomas Gibson, the well-known actor from the television show ‘Criminal Minds” and the sitcom ‘Dharma and Greg’ was arrested during the Saturday to Sunday night (more exactly on Sunday, January 6th, shortly after 01:30 a.m.) in his home town, Los Angeles.

The whole story started when, while trying to get back home, the actor came to a police barricade, that was blocking the access to a section of the city, where a nigh half-marathon was taking place. Despite the police warnings to turn back and follow an alternate course, Thomas Gibson forced the barricade and entered with his Audi SUV in the restricted area, effectively forcing a few runners to stop in order to let him pass. Fortunately no one was hurt and there were no major material looses either.

Things got worse for the Gibson when he was finally stopped and the police officers noticed a strong odor of alcohol on his smell. That’s why he was arrested not only under the accusation to force a police barricade and enter a restricted area, but also under the more severe one of DUI (Driving Under Influence [of alcohol]) and refusing to take a breathalyzer test.

thomas gibson arrest

The bail was set to $15,000, which didn’t represent a problem for the Hollywood star – it was paid less than two hours later and Gibson spent the rest of the night at his home. However, we can’t say the same thing about the trial that Gibson will have to face after this incident and which was set to have his first meeting in court on January 31th.

Far now, neither the actor, his family or his representatives didn’t made any official statement explaining exactly which were the reasons that lead to Thomas Gibson’s arrest.

And he’s not alone; a lot of other celebrities were arrested for DUI recently, for example Sam Donaldson, Josh Brolin, Linda Hogan. That leads us to a question – wouldn’t it be better if they would just hire drivers (at least for these kind of occasions).

Photo credit : Chelsea Lauren

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