Top 5 Most Expensive Celebrities Bags

If it’s been made, they can get it. And what we cannot afford it; you can bet that they can buy it! Celebrities are obsessed with designer bags and always want to get ahead of the pack with the latest or most expensive signature bags. The most exclusive bags include Birkin bags by Jean Paul Gaultier that would cost up to an eye-popping US $ 100,000. Well, if I was to buy such a bag, it would need to come complete with wheels to drive me to work and back! Anyway, back to the bags. Which are the top 5 most expensive celebrities bags?
5. Bethenny Frankel with a Hermes Birkin
The reality star is always rocking with her Hermes. She is reported to have coughed up more than US $ 11, 000 to own the 42 centimeter brown piece. With that price tag, it is no surprise that Miss Frankel is always carrying her prized possessions in her pricey Birkin.

 courtney love givenchy bag
4. Courtney Love with a Givenchy
So the blonde struts her stuff carrying a reddish brown Givenchy Nightingale. She has a curious domed version of the highly prestigious leather piece that typifies her personality. Designed by Riccardo Tisci, the general price tag is in the range of only US $ 12, 050 to US $ 14, 000 for the customized bag.
 khloe kardashian louis vuitton bag
3. Khloe Kardashian with a Louis Vuitton Mirror
It would be a reflection of the price of this bag to say that it is no longer produced by the designer. It was a limited edition line that the Kardashian somehow managed to get. On eBay, you may get it at a throw away price of only US $ 8000. But if you had bought it straight out of the stores, you might need a credit card with three times that amount.
 kim kardashian crocodile purse
2. Kim Kardashian’s crocodile handbag
Why does she always get the good stuff? Kim is still on my list with her status symbol of a bag. She has a handbag made from authentic crocodile skin. Although she has received criticism from PETA, I would cry at the bill she paid for it. The Hermes Birkin cost US $ 52, 000!!
1. Victoria Beckham
She is the queen of the vintage handbag. She has several costly ones but her favorite and the probably most costly is a Hermes Birkin, of course! She has a hot red number that is said to have cost around US $ 78, 000.

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