Uma Thurman presents BMW i8 concept roadster

Uma Thurman BMW i8 concept roadster launch in New York, was a huge success. The 42 year old actress ensured that she was as popular to photograph as the stunning, designer car. Uma was joined by the CEO of BMW, Ludwig Willisch on the opening night of the Born Electricworld tour in New York.

The amazing new carbon fiber sports car, which is the latest offering from BMW, is set to get car enthusiasts talking for many months. This amazing concept car is due to be available in showrooms from 2014, and Uma had the privilege of testing out the dream car.

Every stage of the event was glamorous, including both the car and Uma, who was photographed posing in front of the fantastic BMW i8, wearing a classic all black outfit. The small, elegant touches of a gold chain and bright red lipstick ensured that she was not second best to the car.

uma thurman bmw i8

Regardless of the situation that Uma finds herself in, she continues to look incredible, and enjoys promotion work of this style. During the Uma Thurman BMW i8 concept roadster launch, they both received a huge amount of attention. However, it was the enormous diamond ring on her finger that caught the photographer’s eye.

Sitting comfortably on her left hand, the beautiful ring was not modest, and ensured that people noticed the new edition to her hand. Uma has been with her current partner Arpad Busson for some years and has recently had their first baby together.

Maybe the couple has decided that the time is right to set a date for the wedding; however, there has been no official announcement. Fans of both the new BMW i8 and Uma were excited about the promotion photo shoot, and she continues to display ability to amaze crowds with her natural beauty.

Photo credit : Wenn

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