Veteran Sam Donaldson Arrested

‘Sam Donaldson arrested’ have been the headlines of various tabloid magazines and newspapers over the past month. Sam Donaldson, also known as Samuel Andrew Donaldson was born on the 11th of March 1934 and is a veteran news anchor and reporter for the ABC news network. He has worked at ABC news since 1967 and still works there to date.

 Rumors of ‘Sam Donaldson arrested’ have been flying around over the past month but were rumors laid to rest when it was confirmed that the veteran news anchor has been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) on December 1st in Delaware. The 78 year was pulled over by Lewes Police on Savannah Road after he had committed a traffic violation by driving onto the shoulder of the road.

 After being stopped, the officers gave Donaldson sobriety tests, which he failed and from there the officers concluded that he was under the influence of alcohol. Soon after, Donaldson was taken to a nearby police station, booked and later on released. The police were quoted as saying that the veteran news anchor was very cooperative throughout the entire process.

sam donaldson

 The rumors and talk about his arrest have died down, but one can still find tabloids, newspapers and internet blogs with headlines reading ‘Sam Donaldson Arrested’. According to those close to him, it was a major mishap on his end and considering his age and reputation in the news world, it was something that should not have occurred. Many of his critics are yet to let go of the issue and are still shocked and demanding an explanation from the anchor.

 Sam Donaldson arrested for driving under the influence is still a resounding factor in the news world and will take time before it is forgotten. The arrest is sure to put a dent on the anchor’s long successful career.

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