The Olsen sisters have announced a new fragrance

Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen are two American twins that rose to fame after they first appeared in a television series titled ‘The House’. They were only six years old when they first broke through onto the television screen and are now well known actresses and fashion designers. They have now announced that they will launch a new lines of fragrances via their well established fashion and apparel brand ‘Elizabeth and James’.


The Olsen twins will release two new Elizabeth and James fragrances. These will be titled Nirvana White, Which comes in a stylish and rigid square design and Nirvana Black, which comes in the same shape design but with a seductive Matt black shade to the case. The twins hope to create these fragrances so that they fit into the lifestyle of a stylish individual and do not want the fragrances to be seen as another celebrity perfume ( a product that the twins are also guilty of releasing several years ago). The twins are carefully focusing on their brand and want it to be accessible by everyone. They also want to feel close to the customer and don’t want to create something which shows them in a different light to those that they are selling the products to.

The twins have always been known for having a keen sense of fashion. They also helped to develop new fashion styles by the way they dressed. These two new fragrances should come as a delight to fans of the brand and will probably be a popular item for those that want a scent that is young, cool and cutting edge. The fact that there also two different fragrances on offer means that these can be alternated at different times of the day, providing a smell that won’t get dull and will be appealing at all times.

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