The Revelations Of Beyonce In Shape Magazine April 2013

The year 2013 has been a remarkable year for Beyonce , 31-year-old entertainer especially in her latest photo in the shape magazine April 2013. After gaining about 57 pounds in the course of her pregnancy, she did not have enough time to lose excess weight since after scheduling a show in only 3 months.

Beyonce Shape Magazine

She also demonstrates on the cover how she ate low-calorie diet. She also claims how she avoided eating red meat and concentrated only on the white meat mainly in fish products. She also replaced rice and pasta with quinoa.

To maintain her body, she mostly had breakfast with eggs, vegetable, whole-grain and low-fat milk. During dinner and lunch, she ate vegetable and fish. She kept her body from dehydration with lots of water. On the magazine cover, the picture also talks about the touchy subject of weight control to encourage women how to maintain their weights just like the way she did during her pregnancy.

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