The Seductive Scent of – Pitbull!

Snapping at the heels of Bulldog, the men’s skincare brand, comes Pitbull’s new fragrance line for men and women. Pitbull Premier Fragrances were created by Givaudan under instruction from the rap singer, and this latest in the line of celebrity scents will be on sale December 1st, exclusively at They will be officially launched at Pitbull’s New Year’s Eve concert in Miami.


The rapper had a hand in both the creation of the perfume and the packaging. He aimed to create a chic, long-lasting fragrance for those who want to party from sundown to sunrise. The electric energy of the city and its nightlife inspired his quest, and much thought has gone into both the creation of the perfume and its packaging. Pitbull travelled to Dubai and Shanghai and found inspiration for the black and white bottles from their modern architecture.

The Miami-born singer was raised in an all-female household and suggests that the creation of a perfume was a nostalgic trip for him, but he has chosen to create a product for both sexes. The women’s perfume has fruity notes of apple and mandarin, with a sexy base of vanilla, musk and amber. The funkier male scent has spicy notes of cardamom, cumaru (tonka bean) and bergamot, as well as more flowery and herby scents: violet, sage and verbena. However, Pitbull expects that couples might mix and match these two perfumes to create their own individual signature aroma. He believes the public will be surprised at the way these fragrances show the softer, more sensual side of his nature.

There are plans to extend the range, with fragrances names after specific cities. Pitbull Miami and Pitbull Rio are due to appear in 2015 and 2016. London and Berlin may also have their own signature scents in the future. It remains to be seen whether Pitbull’s Fragrances for Women and Men are a hit or a flop.

Photo credit : WWD

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