The Surrogate gets a buyer

the surrogate

A new independent movie starring Helen Hunt, William H. Macy, and John Hawkes will be out for all to view soon. This coming after Fox Searchlight purchased it for a total of 6 million dollars.

The movie is a true story that is based on the life of Mark O’Brien. He was a poet who due to health problems would spend most of his life inside of an iron lung. O’Brien did not want to remain a virgin so he hired a sex surrogate. The part is played by Helen Hunt, she does a fabulous job in the movie.

This does show quite a taboo subject, but it is one that is quite interesting and can offer the viewing something different from all the other movies that are currently being produced. The movie will come out later on this year, and Hunt is not the only actor who is garnering respect and praise for her role, Hawkes has been giving a lot of compliments as well.

Playing the part of O’Brien was not an easy one but one that Hawkes did with extreme professionalism. It could be a film that is well worth checking out when it is released later on this year.

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