The Taxman Raids Hollywood Once Again: Stephen Baldwin

The taxman seems op have a thing for making headlines out of Hollywood stars. This time it is none other than Hollywood star cum political activist Stephen Baldwin. This coming not long after Lindsay Lohan had her day with the taxman, before being bailed out by fellow star Charlie Sheen.

Mr. Baldwin found himself courting danger after being found to be in debt with the taxman to the tune of $333,000.

This figure is said to include interests and penalties for evasion.

Baldwin is well known for his appearance in a number of films including The Usual Suspects and Threesome just to mention a few.

stephen balwin arrested

He grabbed headlines a few years back when he delved into politics as a conservative political activist.
Mr. Baldwin is not the first Hollywood star to have problems with the taxman. Several other high profile celebrities have gone down the same road which leaves fans wondering what it is these stars do with all their money.
In this latest incident, Mr. Baldwin has not filed his tax returns for about three years now.

His tax debt covers the tax session for 2008, 2009 and 2010. Being that we are in 2012, it is a likely possibility that the debt is even higher than the quoted figure.
Tax evasion is a serious offence under US law and Mr. Baldwin could be facing some jail time.

Mr. Baldwin plead not guilty to the charges against him and was released. He however had to part with a down payment of $100,000 as a sign of good faith.
This is definitely bad news for his reputation as a political activist. It will be interesting to find out what Mr. Baldwin’s friends in the political circles will say about this incident. On a lighter note though, he is only human and human is to error.

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