The Tommy Hilfiger Lake Tahoe Fall Ads 2014

The Tommy Hilfiger Group has announced its 2014 global advertising campaign. At the heart of the marketing strategy are the Hilfiger’s who have made the trek to Lake Tahoe.


According to Tommy Hilfiger the brand has upped the ante by offering a more adventurous package for its products. The 2014 collection has somewhat replaced traditional hiking and outdoor gear for modern city wear. The collection features the collaborative works of British wool mill Abraham Moon.

To complement this campaign aesthetic the marque has announced that it will introduce a brass concept logo design. The new logo will appear on all associated material of the fall 2014 campaign. This campaign commences from July 2014 and will use a multi pronged media campaign – online, print, outdoor and social media platforms. The advertising campaigns will appear in September 2014 issues whilst print adverts will run globally in key fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair et al.

The campaign dubbed la víe en rope is photographed on Lake Tahoe and features the same list of eclectic character from previous campaigns. There are eight new editions to the family including a St. Bernard named Buck.


The hair is done by Mark Carrasquillo, the hair is done by Malcolm Edwards and the photographs are taken by Craig McDean. The styling is done by Karl Templer whilst the creative designs are laid out by Trey Laird of Laird partners.

The Hilfiger campaign does not veer from the well beaten track that Tommy Hilfiger ad campaigns are known for: The ads keep in line with personifying the preppy image and irreverent spirit that has come to define the Tommy Hilfiger marque. The world waits with bated breath for the Fall 2014 collection that will have all the rugged references you can expect – high peal parkas, blazers, leather jackets and boots, bungee cords etc.

Photo credit : The Tommy Hilfiger

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