The Unsuspected and Highly Criticized Release of Whitney Houston’s Casket Photo


Circulation of what appears to be the only Whitney Houston casket photo has made its way onto the internet and various tabloid newspapers. What was to be the perfect funeral has now been intruded by someone who snapped a photo of Whitney Houston in her casket, and sold it to the National Enquirer. Though the Enquirer is not new to being the first to grab hold of celebrity death photos, the newspaper is experiencing a backlash of criticism from many news outlets. Whether it was for the sake of monetary gain, or letting the public get a glimpse of Whitney Houston in her casket, many have shamed the Enquirer for putting it on front page.

Cissy Houston, Whitney’s mother, has vowed to find the culprit who faked as a friend- albeit spiritual or other, and snapped the photo in an effort to reap profit. The church which Houston grew up in, and was discovered was to only hold fifteen hundred of her closet friends and spiritual leaders. However somewhere in their midst was an individual who seized the opportunity- as everyone else followed the rules.

There were to be no pictures or videos of Whitney Houston- hence no Whitney Houston casket photo. Instead, the world has gotten the chance to see “Nippy” as she was called by family, in a beauty purple dress with a “bun” hairstyle and bangs. She was beautifully draped in $500,000 in jewelry including an expensive broach. Many will say it was well worth the risk, while her family will scream foul until they find the culprit and sue the “hell” out of them. However, this may prove to be a bit difficult, as the Enquirer is known to keep their sources confidential. Everyone knows that one of the top priorities of any journalism outfit is to never reveal their sources- unless they themselves are being sued. This may very well be the route Mrs. Cissy Houston decides to take. At the end of the day, she may very well decide to sue the Enquirer to find out who leaked the photo. Either way, it definitely looks as if Whitney Houston’s death will be in the news for some time to come.

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