The Valentino Fall 2013 Collection Is Something Incredible!

The Valentino Fall 2013 Couture Collection really has an excellent combination of stylish fashions. Couture is a special luxury, it’s not just for special occasions or the red carpet. That’s why day-wear has been selected for this collection. Valentina, chiuri and her design partner Peirpaolo Piccioli already own an amazing design that has completely swept through the fashion markets. The collection affirmed their authority by producing decorative, delightful and regal pieces. A look at the long, flowing, ivory and gold lace dress with a breathtaking scalloped edge train shows the spirit that this collection takes on. Each piece has perfectly mastered the art of extravagance. However, there is a more subtle, dignified presence with this collection that prevents them from being too flamboyant.

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It is interesting what Chiuri was drawing attention too. Instead of designing party dresses they have turned their attention to designing suits and coats. These are designs dedicated for women who like to go to expensive restaurants for lunch. The designer has taken what she has learned from creating amazing dresses and put that into suits and coats. The result is an exquisite collection of clothing that every woman wants to own.

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The general theme for the collection was taken from the seventeenth and eighteenth century. It is the theme where aristocratic collectors showcased exquisite specimens made from natural shells, sea creatures and taxidermy and also the odd archaeological find. This is how the shapes from scallop shells, ancient Roman carvings and coral found their way on to clothes.

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This beautiful collection is perfect for women with important business dates. Alternatively, women who want to impress their date should wear this collection. There is a lot of feminine elegance in each style and design. One amazing items from the collection is a studded, transparent trench coat. Another item to mention is a leopard skin design handbag which is very elegant.


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