The Word on Scarlett Johansson’s new Boyfriend

In the world of celebrities and news, things happen so quickly and this is especially the case for people. Scarlet Johansson has been on the spotlight for quite some time concerning her relationship status.

What started out as rumours soon turned out to be true for Scarlett (Scarjo) as the revelation is that her new boyfriend is Romain Duraic, a popular French journalist. He is known from his role as an editor in the Clark, a French urban art magazine and recently his management role in a creative agency.

The two have relations to Fuzi Uvtpk a renowned French tattoo artist and the latter has been linked with a tattoo of a horseshoe that was inscribed on Scarlett’s rib cage. The inscription is also confirmed to be ‘Lucky You’ while for Romain, Uvtpk also scribbled a tat with the words ‘Lost Illusions’.


According to Page Six, Scarlett was spotted recently looking cosy in the presence of Romain. The couple was initially spotted on Thursday night and the dark haired guy accompanying the beautiful blonde was identified as French speaking. In the same night, the two were seen snuggling up during their dinner date at Beatrice inn. According to the witness, the two were all over each other holding hands in the shades of the table.

It may be hard for people to understand how the couple met but there are speculations that they got together through link ups by mutual friends. They are said to be quite a reasonable match as the gent is slightly taller than the blonde and somehow skinny. As per now, Johansson has set camp in New York to work on a new film of her own and hopefully an Oscar.

The relationship is however being kept under the covers for now even though being spotted in Paris and New York together has raised many eyebrows.

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