6 Things a Girl Should Do 6 Months before Her Wedding Day

We girls dream of our wedding day ever since when we’re little kids. We imagine walking down the aisle wearing our Disney princess gowns while we wait for our chivalrous prince charming. As we grow older, we drop our usual gladiator flats and jeans ensemble and trade it for a white dress and a veil.


Little do we think about what’s next after the wedding. Our lives will dramatically change and you won’t know how prepared you are once you’re there on the spotlight. So while you wait for that big day, cherish these 6 things while you still can.

1. Spend as much time as you can with friends. Enjoy the company of your girls, especially during weekend sleepovers. When you settle down, your husband and future family will be your priority. There’d be less time for your friends and scheduling for a meet up might take weeks, months even. So while you can, bond with the best girls in your life. Shop for gladiator flats and makeup. Try on pretty dresses and bikinis. Spend as much coffee Fridays or Saturday brunches as you can.

2. Travel alone. Expand your horizon and embrace a different culture than yours even for just three days and two nights. Freedom is the main importance of this trip and you’ll definitely miss this when you get married. Freedom grants you the chance to decide on your own and for your own sake only. You learn how to deal with strangers, foreign currencies and even language barriers. But the trip is going to be worth the sweat. Go to Brazil, Palau or Nepal. You’re not only learning new culture – you’re also discovering your strengths and weaknesses.

3. Stretch your patience on the job you hate. Sometimes you just stay on a job because it’s safe and it pays your bills. But sometimes, you have to quit to make way for your dreams. But before you do that, stretch your patience and do the quitting after your wedding. You need the money to pay for expenses and maybe save a little more for the next three months of your new life.

4. Spend a whole week with your parents or a family member who has a favorable marriage. Before you lose your single status, it’s actually a great idea to pay a visit to your parents (given they’re still together) or a family member and look at how couples talk to each other and move together. Your parents have been in a relationship for a long time and they’ve probably gone through trials that couples normally undergo to. Take a step back and ask yourself if you’re truly ready to compromise, to accept your soon-to-be husband’s flaws and to love unconditionally.

5. Don’t expect a perfect marriage, but work hard enough for a healthy one. Marriage constitutes sacrifices and hard work. It is the true testament of the labor of love because it’s not all champagnes and festivities like your wedding reception. It takes a mature man and woman to go through the decision of officially binding their life together, ‘til death do they part.

6. Embrace change. Heraclitus once said, “The only thing that is constant is change.” And even if you try had to relieve your old life, you cannot freeze time and live the life you’re used to. You will be forced to leave your comfort zone in order to embrace a life you’ve been dreaming of – a life with someone you cherish. A change of residence, your last name, habits, even a change in your physique would be inevitable. The great thing about this? You’ll be facing these significant changes in your life with someone special holding your hand.

Enjoy the last six months of your bachelorette life. You’re in for a wonderful and exciting ride after that.

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