3 things you don’t know about your smartphone

Smartphones are devices that are seen now a part of people, almost like an extra limb that no one can live without yet there is so much people don’t know. A device that is used to basically run your day to day activities yet it is not used to it’s full potentials so here are a few things to know about your smartphone-

Track your phone in real time
Unknown to most people, you can actually track your phone or connected devices where it’s through iCloud or Google. This is in the event that you lose your phone and need to track it down, you can do it right down to within a feet from your phone

Run apps side by side
This is for people who like to multitask and see what they are doing. You can open two different applications and put them side by side with the two working independently. Although as the case may be, this is available on numerous devices but on Apple devices it is limited to the latest of the operating system (IOS)

Use one-handed mode
It can be a bother having to use both hands when trying to text or use apps after all, phones of recent have large bodies. This is the part where you use one-handed mode which makes whatever you’re doing smaller than the screen and puts it to on the side you use the most. Take for instance if you’re left handed, the screen would be shrunk to the left side to make using your phone easier.

There is so much that people don’t know about their phones like the code 918kiss and yet they use the said phones every day. Using a few of the tips above will only go a long way in making your smartphone easier to use and a far more pleasant task.

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