Thoughts On Vanessa Paradis Vogue Ukraine Cover

Have you seen Vogue’s latest April 2015 Ukraine cover? If you’re a fashion junkie like many out there, you will not take long to notice French singer and actress Vanessa Paradis portraited on the front cover. In her effortlessly chic style picture, she grabs the attention of the fashion media country wide and elsewhere around the world. Interesting were the many diverse commentaries.
This cover received the two cents from many of the fashion dignitaries including MON, Benn98, Handbag Queen, Narcyza, kokobombon and the PerfectTonight.


Some slammed the lack of detail, interest, appeal, fashion and cited that her hair looked bushy, her style looked snappy and that the photo shoot was probably performed while Vanessa was tired. Others however complimented her diverse style which escapes the traditional fashion etiquette methods and the regurgitated fashion trend dictation. They said she looks jovial, rebellious and tipping towards the new. For those of you that aren’t that familiar with the effortlessly chic style, it is a way which enables common women of all walks of life to dress fashionable at an affordable price. The effortlessly chic style as it is called is the ability to transform a creative woman’s wardrobe into an engine of diverse selections.In this type of women wardrobe you see a variety of clothing which are divided into first and second looks.

Clothing combinations are assorted through the pairing of shirts, skirts and shoes of similar light or dark colors. You usually see an internal piece which varies and makes the whole exterior combination look fresh and renewed.The hair style in these styles also aims to be lightly touched bringing forth the most natural aspects of the woman’s hair. Although some gel, hair finishers or similar hairstyle products might be implemented, they tend to just help preserve the natural aspects of the hair in good order so that although they don’t look excessively fashioned they still look appealing. Shoes in such styles seek to be high heels, clogs, sabots, wooden shoes and tall shoes, in general.

They help the woman look fashionable in both casual and formal scenarios. They pair well with clothing you can wear to go out during day or evenings, as well as clothing that women wear to work such as social pants, dresses, and professional uniform attire. Perhaps Vogue had a hard time trying to be innovative and instead of reprinting the same ole types of ideas, it wanted to come out with something that the fashion public isn’t so used to seeing. And it seems that it worked.

They were really successful in creating havoc in the fashion industry. Everyone is talking about this Vanessa Paradis Vogue Ukraine Cover. This is such a unique cover that many people are thinking about buying the magazine to include it in their collections. Whatever your motive, you’ll also gain a lot of insight into the effortlessly chic style by buying your copy too. You’ll also see some amazing stories and styles which you can use to implement the best possible fashion styles for your next event.

Photo credit : Vogue / Ukraine

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