Tila Tequila Rehabilitated ! No more tequila for her.

tila tequila out of rehab

Headlining many tabloids is tila tequila out of rehab. Born Tila Nguyen, Tila Tequila is an American model and television show personality. Best known for her appearances in various men’s magazines as well as from several TV show appearances and hosting gigs this Asian beauty was raised in Houston Texas. Although not native to the state, Tila Tequila was born in Singapore but comes from a Vietnamese heritage. Her unique looks can be traced from her mother being of a half French descent while her father is full Vietnamese. The relocation to the United States occurred during the Vietnam War when Tila was merely a year old. 

Her rocky childhood led her to enter nightclubs using her sister’s identification as well as her early addiction to drugs. In a memoir she penned Tila admits to growing up confused and lost due to a slew of personal family as well as environmental issues. Some of these instances include witnessing a drive by shooting, running away from home and suffering a miscarriage at age 17.

The violence she witnessed at such an early age has been attributed to her stint this year in a rehab center. Aside from her early exposure to violence as a teen, many consider that prior to tila tequila out of rehab; her entry into the entertainment industry via the adult entertainment sector was as well a major contributing factor to her skewed view of life. As previously mentioned, Tila was commonly seen posing for various men’s magazines including Playboy magazine. She was often found gracing, import car racing events and was a fixture in many automobile magazines.

Earlier to this she was found by a friend suffering a severe seizure which was supposedly brought about by drug abuse.  Her attempted suicide due her drug overdose nearly caused her, her life. She suffered a brain aneurysm that left her in need of speech therapy and made her realize she needed help, thus her own decision to enter a rehab facility. Currently, tila tequila out of rehab has been the talk of tinsel town with many of her friends wishing for her complete recovery from her drug dependency issues.

After thirty days it was reported that tila tequila out of rehab was the result of her intense psychological counseling for her substance abuse and distorted views of her health and well-being. Her immediate release has relieved many of her undying fans who have been said to show their full support to the star. Representatives of the Asian beauty have been quoted saying: “She is the healthiest she’s ever been and wants to thank all of her fans for their undying support while she was battling through some hard times.”

For someone considered by many as a Z-list star, tila tequila out of rehab has garnered much attention from the press. Various media outlets are a buzz with the news, websites, micro blogging portals, and gossip blogs were all eager to post news on tila tequila out of rehab as a headline. Tila tequila out of rehab became an eye opener for many young people, who idolize her as well as her peers who have been stunned by her suicide attempt. Not many are as fortunate to survive a brain aneurysm brought about by an overdose. This is in fact her second chance in life and it is believed that she is making positive steps to fully recover and news of tila tequila out of rehab would merely be a thing of the past for her. Hopefully with the love and support of her family and friends tila tequila out of rehab is one headline that she wishes to never encounter again.

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