Tila Tequila Suffers a Brain Aneurysm And A Drug Overdose In One Night!


The controversial Reality TV Star Tila Tequila has been released from another Hospital this week after an apparent suicide attempt. Tila suffered from a Brain Aneurysm and a drug overdose, both in one night. She apparently was in such intense pain from the bulging aneurysm that she downed 2 bottles of some strong prescription drugs. Soon the “Playboy” starlet threw up and started screaming for help, smashing the window in her bedroom in an attempt to jump. She was found by a worried friend convulsing and falling in & out of consciousness and taken by ambulance back to the hospital.

Tila Tequila is now recovering at home amid rumours that she might now have permanent brain damage, her speech has not yet recovered.

Tila was discovered by Playboy when she was 18 and her popularity started to soar when she modeled for the much covoted cover of “Import Tuner” Magazine. She is most recently know for her stint on MTV’s “A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila” which aired in 2007 and 2008.

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