5 Times Bleach Proved it’s the Lowest of the Big Three – Can Never Be One Piece and Naruto

Bleach, considered one of the “Big Three” anime amongst One Piece and Naruto, has been one of the fan-favorite anime since 2004. The animated series ran till 2012 but was abruptly ended as the manga was not finished at that time, leaving many fans disappointed that they never got to see the final arc animated.
However, Bleach made an unexpected comeback in 2022 announcing it will adapt the final arc of the manga and will be titled Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War.

Official Promotional For Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War

Nevertheless, the anime lacked factors that place it in the lowest of the big three, including how the new anime had varying reactions to the return of the anime.

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Scenes Stretched On For Too Long

Returning after a decade, the fans were left disappointed when they found out how the scenes in the newly adapted anime were stretched out as well as much modified.
The adaptation ended up ruining the manga according to watchers, as nobody likes to watch a single sequence go on for too long.


Reuse Of The Same Sequence

One of the very first things fans managed to notice in the comeback of the anime was how the makers made use of the same sequence multiple times, causing the scene to look weird and not authentic. This was first noticed in episode 3 of the new season, where there is a fighting sequence between Ichigo Kurosaki and Quilge Opie, and the same fight sequence was used up to 4 times.

Excluded Manga Content

While the comeback promised the adaptation of the manga, it was quite obvious there has been a removal of a lot of content just so anime-exclusive scenes could be included. And while this was addressed by the creator himself how they would add scenes from the actual manga instead, it did not appear to be the case.

Tite Kubo, creator of bleach

Pacing Of The Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

Fans have shown upset about the pacing of the series, although it is understandable that the studio has a certain budget to work with, so they have to cut scenes from the manga to keep it short and crispy, however, many still complain about how the pacing of the anime seems way faster than that of the manga.


Uryu’s Controversial Arc

Uryu Ishida is an important character in the series, and fans expected him to have the same relevance revolving around him in the anime adaptation, however, they were met with disappointment. While there are a few scenes where Ishida takes the lead, manga readers were not at all happy with this revelation.

Uryu Ishida, An Important Character In Bleach Series

While Bleach might not be perfect, it has still managed to gain quite the following deservingly so, and it may not compete with what Naruto and One Piece have managed to become in the past years, it is still one of the most loved anime out there and being a part of Big Three itself is a huge achievement.
Many fans also look forward to the second cour of the Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Arc to see what it brings with it.

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