3 Tips For Anyone That Wants To Work in Filmmaking

For many people on the outside, a film is a magical creation of cells put together in rapid motion to create a story. For those on the inside, a film is a story created over many years by scores of people; and then chopped up and put back together by dozens of other individuals. No matter which of the many positions you want to work at in the film industry, remember one thing – each of the hundreds of positions is essential. Yes, that sounds crazy, but it is true. There are numerous technical, management, sound, production, runner, consultants, directors, and producers on every film set. So, in that crazy stress filled arena of chaos, here are three tips for anyone that wants at job in filmmaking.


In the world of trying to prove yourself and wanting the respect of others around you, it can be difficult to remember to listen. When others speak, you may find yourself creating a reply instead of paying attention to the words being spoken and how they apply to the situation. If you want to understand the world of filmmaking, listen. Heather Parry found that out when she began working as a producer on Pixels in 2015, and A Star Is Born in 2018. Heather discovered that women can work in positions of power as long as everyone remembers to listen to one another.


The film set is filled with different levels and categories of egos, and each of those respected individuals has earned his or her place within the industry. Whether the people working around you are runners, scene directors, or foodies, they all deserve your respect for the expertise they have.


Like all fine oiled machines, each person plays an integral part in the huge production set of a film, and the movie set could close down without everyone’s help. If you want to understand how the machine works, don’t be afraid to ask questions – with two stipulations. You must understand who to ask questions of and when to ask them. If something on the set feels wrong, or if you don’t understand why items have changed from rehearsal to live action shots, ask your questions.

Choosing to work in a stress filled world of filmmaking is not for everyone, but if you are one of the lucky few that thrive in that type of chaotic work world, you will excel. Having a sharp mind filled with questions and understanding when to listen will help you go far as you enjoy making movies!

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