Tom’s Cruise daughter can’t wait to have her own life

tom cruise bella

Tom’s Cruise daughter wants to have her own life as soon as she turns 18.

It appears that Bella wants to escape from Katie Holmes and move out to Tom’s Cruise ex wife Nicole Kidman.

“Bella can’t wait to get out from under Tom’s thumb and get away from stepmom Katie,” dished one insider.

“Bella and her brother Connor have lived a very sheltered life.

“Tom’s sister Cass home-schooled them and their schedules and interaction with friends and outsiders has been tightly monitored.”

“It seems like Bella may have had enough of the tough rules she has to live by as a Scientologist and she’s told Nicole she wants to move in with her,” a source said earlier this year.

“Nicole’s thrilled, but Tom desperately hopes she changes her mind.

“Katie will feel like she’s been stabbed in the heart by Bella’s news.

“She sees herself as her mother, best friend and confidante. It must be heartbreaking.”

I didn’t knew that is that hard to live with Katie Holmes,afterall she is one of the most knows actresses.Who knows what type of character she is in the real life.


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