Toni Braxton Gets Hospitalized

R&B songstress Toni Braxton is in hospital. The long time musician revealed to her fans via social networking site twitter. She tweeted to her fans saying that she has been hospitalized for Lupus – related health complications. The musician first made it public it public knowledge that she suffers from Lupus two years ago, the same disease that claimed her uncle’s life.

The 45 year old songstress revealed her condition to fans during an award ceremony for Lupus LA bag ladies luncheon. Since that time, Braxton has not been shy to discuss the question of Lupus in her family history. Her brother also suffers from the same disease.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease which makes the immune system of the individual to attack healthy tissues thus causing inflammation. The disease can attack several different body organs.

It most commonly affects the skin, kidneys, joints and more seriously the brain.

In addition to Lupus, the R&B musician also has a problem with her heart whose blood vessels are narrowing.

toni braxton hospitalized

The obvious implication of this is that fans will not be seeing so much of Toni Braxton in terms of performances. She will definitely have to give her music career second priority after her health. This is not such good news for her, especially after the songstress made revealed that the disease had pushed has had a huge negative impact on her finances, nearly pushing her to total bankruptcy.

Luckily though she does have other ways of generating income such as her role as the center of the ‘Braxton Family Values’ ,a reality  TV show that airs on WE TV.

Braxton is rather optimistic, telling her twitter fans that she will be back home in a day or two. The best her fans can do now is to provide moral support to as she battles the deadly disease.

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