Top 10 Celebrity Luxury Houses

Once you have the money to spend, it is no longer about how comfortable your home is but how big it is. Hollywood celebrities spare no expense when it comes to displaying this grandeur. The spend fortunes on palatial homes in exclusive districts. The top 10 celebrity luxury houses are owned by the who’s who in the A-list.

10. Bill Gates
One of the richest men in the world also owns one of the most expensive houses. Bill Gates can afford to pay US $ 1 million property tax on his US $ 135 million house in California. I can only assume that even the best w-4 calculator can’t net the average American enough to even pay the property tax.The most outstanding feature in this property is the swimming pool with an underwater sound system.

9. Brad Pitt
One of the most powerful men in Hollywood displayed his awesomeness by designing his own house in Louisiana. The house had a expansive lawns and even a small forest! There were several two-storey guesthouses as well. Sadly, hurricane Katrina brought it all down.

8. William Zysblat
The topnotch producer has reaped a fortune from honing the skills of U2 and Rolling Stone. His beachfront property has a several tennis courts. It also has some of the most stunning beach views in the country.

7. Tony Hawk
A 5094 square-foot house is nothing for a celebrity. But if you’re a skateboarding icon, you need 4000 square feet of a skate park complete with bleachers and rails. Add to that a swimming pool and basketball court. That is how Tony Hawk lives.

6. John Travolta
The “Grease” star perhaps is the most extravagant of the lot. He owns a six-bedroom mansion with a huge garage for his car collection. And he has a 1.4 mile runway.

5. Ryan Seacrest
The “professional” TV show host owns a house dubbed House of Peace. It has five bedrooms, a tennis court, spa and gym. The 10000 square foot house is surrounded by lush lawns under the Hollywood hills.
luxury house 2012
4. Jerry Seinfield
His house was bought in 2000 at a cost of US $ 32 million. It lies on 14 acres of landscaped lawns. The house is in 3 sections with a total of 24 rooms and 13 bathrooms. Of course it has a waterfront view to die for!

3. George Clooney
While everyone is struggling for a Beverly Hills house, Clooney went for the quiet of Italy. He owns Villa Oleandra that has an Olympic-size pool and outdoor theatre. The garage can fit over a dozen vehicles and motorcycles.

2. Oprah Winfrey
The world’s richest woman lives in Santa Barbara in the most eco-friendly house in California. 6 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms and a man-made lake make it very unique as well.

1. Joel Horowitz
At the top of the list is the Tommy Hilfiger co-founder. He owns a Lake Tahoe mansion that spans 20000 square feet. Valued at over 100 million dollars, it has an indoor pool, a luzury home theatre and other amenities you wouldn’t expect

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