Top 10 Yoga Celebs

Yoga has become the mainstream alternative to conventional exercises practiced in gyms. Celebrities who do yoga have made it even more popular amongst the masses. Some of the celebs usually visit luxury yoga shop for choosing interesting equipment.This is a list compiled of top 10 celebs who do yoga.

10. Russell Simmons
The media and fashion mogul is a studious character. Although he is a fitness freak, he has been spotted in Harlem, New York doing yoga sessions. Chances are that if you pop into his gym at Jivamkuti he could be found contortin his frame into yoga positions

9. Keisha
The show-off singer is always at the beach doing her routines. The press have taken to dissing her but she doesn’t care. Yoga gives you peace after all!.

8. Bon Jovi
Who would ever have thought a rocker like him would be found practicing such a serene thing like yoga? This is the celeb who probably raises most awareness for yoga.

7. Miranda Kerr
After Gisele Bundchen claimed to have gone through painless labor because of yoga, Miranda Kerr went a step further and gave birth without any anesthesia! How about that?!

6. Alessandra Ambrosio
The super-model is another mum who preaches the power of yoga. She says that her astonishing post-pregnancy weight loss is all down to her yoga classes.

5. Sting
Sting and his wife, Trudi have been singing yoga praises for the better part of two decades. They say it helps their relationship. According to Sting, yoga is a lifelong journey.

4. Jennifer Aniston
She is yoga mates with Nicole Kidman. She should be probably the greatest marketer for yoga practice. She even went live on Oprah and did a few moves on a mat during the show.

3. Michelle Williams
Yoga espouses giving back to society. She started the “Yoga for Single Mums Project” In 2011. It provides day care to kids while the mums are doing their yoga classes. Now that is a true Yoga celebrity.

2. Heather Graham
She takes yoga very seriously! She even had a retreat to Xinalan just to do her mat sessions. And it seems to be paying off since she has stunning looks at her age.

lady gaga yoga

1. Lady Gaga
If it paid to be a yoga advertiser, the she would take the cake. Lady Gaga may be eccentric but she does have some personal time on her mat. To reflect, perhaps…


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