Top 5 Most Beautiful Women

The debate of the world’s most beautiful women always rages on. But how about taking some of the most frequently ranked female celebrities and placing them in a list of the top 5 most beautiful women? This list is in no particular order.

Megan Fox

“The Transformers” actress would always feature in my personal ranking, all the time! She has the charming smile and bubbly character to go with the looks.


Marisa Miller

She is another piece of work! This beauty did not make it to the top of Maxim Magazine’s Top 100 ranking for no reason. She was formerly Sports Illustrated cover girl for 2008 and also a Victoria’s Secret Angel.


Eva Mendes

She makes it into this list simply because of her eyes. Other than that, she also has a stunning figure and that alluring Latina skin tone.


Angelina Jolie

Mrs. Pitt has been able to maintain her figure despite the ravages of motherhood and a punishing schedule. And of course, her face and lips are just too gorgeous.


Jessica Alba

She walks into this list because of her sexy smile and wonderful skin. She has also been featured in People’s “most beautiful” list several times.

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