Top 5 Sexiest Celebrities

Other than on-screen in full flow, with all the make-up impeccably done, who are the top 5 sexiest celebs? We want to look at the persona, intelligence, camera presence and of course, the looks! There are several celebrities who instantly come to mind when such a list is to be prepared. However, there are also some surprises that can happen. This ranking, although random, will list the top 5 sexiest celebrities, including the obvious and surprise packages.
 kim kardashian top
1. Kim Kardashian
She is the true beauty queen, isn’t she? She loves the media attention and despite the controversy, she actually manages it extremely well. And do we have to add anything about her body and booty?

2. Carmen Electra
She is just about the hottest thing other than the sun that I can think of. And she loves posing for Penthouse, Playboy, Maxim and any major cover. She has also managed to remain fresh and keep her body well toned despite all the fame she got for it. Long may it continue!

3. Emma Watson
Ever since she hit it big as a witch in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”, Emma has set endless charms to all of us. She is captivating with any look she takes. Remember her cropped hair? It made us all realize that the flowing mane was not the only thing that she had.

4. Jessica Alba
She is the automatic pick for sexiest celeb ever! The ever-sweet actress just turns you on. Her pretty face, that ubiquitous even tan, earns her points! And what’s more, Jessica is always posing for our favorite magazines making her omnipresent in our thoughts.

5. Genevieve Nnaji
Few outside of Africa would recognize the “Nigerian Sweetheart”. However, she is the best known African female actress and TV personality. Genevieve recently turned 33 but is still looking as ravishing as ever. She oozes class and sexiness all in one scoop. Any man would love to go home to such a nubile beauty, every single day.

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