My Hero Academia: 7 Most Powerful Quirks, Ranked

With six seasons and three movies already in place, the franchise of
My Hero Academia seems like an unstoppable force with an ever-growing fanbase.
The shōnen style anime features well-developed characters, which goes hand in hand with its top-notch animation and action sequences, resulting in its major success.

my hero academia
Official Promotional For The My Hero Academia Anime

Another thing that My Hero Academia gets right is its power system. The characters in the world of the series have something called a “Quirk“, which is another way of identifying and saying what particular power they might have.

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What Is A Quirk In My Hero Academia

Passed down from parents, quirks are something that occurred for the first time over 80 years ago and give the character abilities and powers. These can be anything from simple powers like super strength to overpowered abilities like teleportation.

One of the most notable quirks in the My Hero Academia is that of All Might and Deku, called “One for All“, it is something that is not passed down genetically but from the will, and is one of the most powerful quirks in the series.

my hero academia
Deku And All Might, Users Of One For All Quirk

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7 Most Powerful Quirks

With so many quirks in place, it begs the question of which ones are the strongest, following is a list that answers that question:

7. Half Cold Half Hot

With fire and ice both divided perfectly between the left and right sides of his body, Shoto Todoroki’s quirk of Half Cold Half Hot is very versatile in nature, giving him a vast arsenal of attacks and abilities to choose from on the battlefield.

Todoroki Shoto my hero academia
Shoto Todoroki, Quirk: Half Cold Half Hot

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6. Weather Manipulation

Used by Nine, one of the antagonists in the series, this particular quirk deserved this spot on the list due to the sheer amount of control it gives over the weather. It can be used to create giant storms as well as used to manipulate the wind itself, granting him flight.

Nine my hero academia
Nine, Quirk: Weather Manipulation

5. New Order

Used by Star and Stripe, America’s no.1 pro hero, the New Order quirk grants the ability to set a rule onto their surroundings by touching a particular target and calling out their name, bestowing upon new properties to the target. The only limitation to this quirk is that only two rules can be set at a time.

Star and stripe my hero academia
Star And Stripe, Quirk: New Order

4. Decay

Used by the main antagonist of the show, Tomura Shigaraki, the Decay quirk allows him to turn anything or anyone he touches with his hands into dust and powder.
This makes it one of the most powerful quirks in the series.

Tomura Shigaraki my hero academia
Tomura Shigiraki, Quirk: Decay

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3. Rewind

Rewind is a quirk that a little girl named Eri has, it allows her to reverse the physical state of anything she touches, effectively healing injuries or even rewinding someone’s body back to a previous state.

eri my hero academia
Eri, Quirk: Rewind

2. All For One

All For One is the quirk that Japan’s most powerful villain and All Might’s arch-nemesis has. His identity remains hidden as of now, but his quirk allows him to literally steal someone else’s quirk. It is also stackable, so he can use multiple quirks at the same time. His ultimate goal is to steal his younger brother’s quirk, One For All which is the only quirk powerful enough to oppose him.

all for one my hero academia
All For One, Quirk: All For One

1. One For All

One For All is the quirk of Izuku Midoriya, the protagonist of the My Hero Academia manga and anime series. It is a power that stockpiles power and can be passed down from one user to another.

One For All was originally created by the quirkless Yoichi Shigaraki, who wanted to create a power that could be used to defeat his brother, All For One. It also allowed him to transfer his quirk to another person, he used this to transfer his quirk to a young boy named Nana Shimura, who then passed it down to her successor, Toshinori Yagi, who later passed it down to Izuku Midoriya.

all might my hero academia
All Might, Quirk: One For All

My Hero Academia is a series that features a lot of unique powers, some of which are even out of imagination, however, the above-listed ones are a few of the strongest ones ever presented in the series, and having them would automatically make you a top tier character for the fans.

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