Top Celebrities Who Play Bingo

It’s been around for over 500 years, and it’s now more popular and thrilling than ever before. It’s been exciting people all over since it was invented by the Romans. Bingo has obtained a colossal following with the spread of the internet, and advent of online bingo is sites like Landmark Bingo. It’s evolved from being a pensioner’s game and has become the world’s most popular game of chance. It even has a glamorous following from some of the most renowned people on the planet. From royalty and the sports legends to movie stars and personalities featuring on halls of fame-people publicly declared joy at playing the game. Here are top celebrities who can’t get enough of bingo:


1. The Obamas

The President of the USA and his step-mother are avid players. They’ve said it out in the open. So you can presume the entire presidential family delights in the game.

2. The Queen and Prince William

What does the royal family do when they get together? Most of it is top secret, but there’s one thing everyone knows- they play bingo. The monarchy of England is known to hold bingo games when the whole family. Some members don’t even wait for the special meetings. In 2006 Prince William was found with group of friends one night at a bingo club close to Sandhurst military academy, where he had been training.

3. Catherine Zeta-Jones

The Mask of Zorro star is an A-list Hollywood celebrity and a fan of bingo at heart. She grew up in Wales, where her love for the game was most likely born. She loves it so much that she made her very own set of balls and bingo cards.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid’s striker and 3-time Ballon d’Or World Player Of The Year is addicted to bingo. He said so himself. It all started when he began playing it to improve his English. He said it can can be very exciting, since you could be there waiting for a long time, for just that one number to make the game complete.

Technology has made it easy to play bingo today. You can even find yourself playing with these and more celebrities. Other big names include Friends’ star Courtney Cox who enjoys bingo games with fellow stars Paris Hilton and talk-show host Rickki Lake. Russel Crowe plays it for fun and was even once a bingo-caller in Australia. Mick Jagger holds bingo parties in his own house! Barbara Windsor, Denise van Outen, Keith Chegwin, Kerry Katona, Sharon Osbourne- the list of celebrity bingo lovers is long. Of course the identity is kept secret, but you can reveal yourself to your roomies. That’s part of the reason it’s so popular. You can enjoy it from the comfort of your home, or even on your smartphone or tablet anywhere around the world. Online gaming allows you to experience bingo with all its popular variant styles. Check more of online bingo as there are lots of bingo tournaments and sizzling deals and prizes, including the £10,500 to be won in jackpots every month.

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