Top Five Horror Movies Featuring Dolls

There are many amazing horror films that feature dolls, but the five below are just some of those that I think are the best.

1. Child’s Play – starts with a serial killer, Brad Dourif making his home in a doll factory. However, Dourif is killed by the police, but not before he has put a voodoo curse on Chuckie. Chuckie takes on the life of Dourif’s soul and is bought by Catherine Hicks for her son Alex Vincent.

Childs play

2. Puppet Master – is all about a puppet maker who finds an old Egyptian potion that helps to bring his creations to life. However, he is a sick, twisted man and his puppets become evil demons that escape. Devastated, the master kills himself. Puppet Master is an American horror film about anthropomorphic puppets.
Puppet Master
3. Magic – stars Anthony Hopkins. Corky did not succeed at professional magic and his mentor suggests he needs a better show business gimmick. Corky comes back a year later, as a combined ventriloquist, magician and has a bad mouthed dummy called Fats. Fats takes on a life of his own and convinces Corky to kill Greene.

Magic movie

4. Saw – is a sick 2004 horror film with plenty of gore, blood and guts. The film is about two kidnapped men who are told by an evil doll how to get free. The men must go through physical and psychological torture in order to survive. An evil doll gives instructions to the men and watches them throughout their attempts to survive and escape.
5. Dolls – is a 1987 film about a dysfunctional family who need to find shelter from a bad storm in a creepy old house. However, they discover that the inhabitants are a strange, kind couple who have a collection of evil looking dolls. Other travelers turn up, and the youngsters are the first to experience the wrath of these bloodthirsty dolls.


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