Treat Your Skin to a Super Serum

Many websites are listing 10 of the Best Skin Serums in 2014, so depending on your skin problems – and your budget – there is bound to be a product for you. Serums are more intense than moisturisers so you should get more bang for your buck.

If you have plenty of bucks, and suffer from age spots, then StriVectin-EV Get Even Brightening Serum, £79 should even out your complexion.

strivectin products

For the same price you can buy Institut Esthederm Cellular Concentrate Fundamental Serum, using that old favorite ingredient retinol to smooth out your skin.


Almost as pricey, at £77, is Serum De Rose By Terry, which is good for firming the skin and as a defence against everyday wear and tear.


Slightly cheaper, at £60, is the new YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum, featuring glycans – molecules keeping skin cells young and fresh.

ysl forever youth

At the same price, Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Serum works well to rehydrate the skin, and includes meadow foam seed oil for softening and vitamin C for reducing fine lines.

Clinique is already a popular brand and their Smart Repair Serum, £48, supposedly adapts to your own unique skin type and helps reduce signs of sun damage and ageing. Their Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, at £38, targets age spots and uneven pigmentation.

Clarins offers Multi-Active Skin Renewal Serum at £43.95, for the fight against wrinkles, sagging and age spots.

Skyn Iceland Arctic Elixir, £40, has plant peptides to repair damaged cells and claims to reduce wrinkles by 50% .

If you are looking to nurture your skin while you sleep, try Estée Lauder Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex, £35.10 – £45.90, to repair damage from environmental pollution.

Last, but not least, the ever-popular No7 Protect & Perfect has developed a range of Advanced Serums, and is the budget option at £23.50. This is a more powerful version of its best-selling serum, which is sure to be a sellout.

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